About Us

About Us

Specializing in Drone Services

The Droning Company is an online job agency for drone pilots which incorporates a high-end magazine dedicated to all aspects of the drone industry, keeping you abreast of all the latest and trending news , along with articles, columns, tech innovations, pilot tips, product reviews, and the latest FAA updates.

The Droning Company plans to be the number-one nationwide resource for drone pilots to obtain work. Every week, we will feature someone as our “Pilot of the Week”, and we will also display your work in our “Video Reel of the Week”.

    We do not take any commissions on the jobs pilots receive through The Droning Company, but rather charge a ten-dollar monthly administration fee for hosting your profile.

    Please check out this article if you considering becoming a drone pilot: How to Become a Drone Pilot Now and if you already have you Part 107 and are interested in finding out what we can do for you or are planning to sign up with us and would like to know how to create an effective profile on our page to get you more work please click here: How To Find Drone Jobs

    If you are a company and would like us to consider featuring an article on your company, please drop our Editor in Chief Mike Molenda a line at: mikemolenda@thedroningcompany.com

    If you are a manufacturer and would like our resident drone expert Chris Fravel to conduct a written and video review on your product, please contact him at: cfravel@thedroningcompany.com

    If you have any questions—or if you need advice—please feel free to contact us by e-mail at: info@thedroningcompany.com

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