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10 January 2024

With a projected growth rate of 27.7% (valued at 57.8 Billion) by 2028, the drone services industry is ascending to unbelievable heights. The explosive growth is attributed to the increase in companies and industries across the board adopting drone technology. 

A challenge many drone pilots face when building a drone services business is struggling to scale, and it's not because the work is hard to find. The problem lies in answering client emails, sending deliverables, managing a website, planning missions, and much more. 

With that in mind, it's exactly why DroneAdair was built. It stands as a pioneering drone services business platform, uniquely geared towards equipping drone pilots for success and prioritizing their needs. DroneAdair gives drone pilots a mission management platform that streamlines their workflow and allows them to focus less on daily operations and more on flying. 

Built From Experience 

DroneAdair was built out of necessity after owner Cody Retlich's success with his drone services business, Midwest Aerial Production (MAP). His personal experiences and the collective knowledge of thousands of pilots in a drone pilot network he built at MAP revealed invaluable insights. This learning process highlighted drone pilots' challenges when scaling professional drone services. 

Cody Retlich

It was quickly realized that pilots were struggling to keep up with demand because they were spending too much time sending emails, building packages, trying to manage a website, collect payments, etc. With automation at its core, DroneAdair allows pilots to reclaim more than 50% of their time spent on manual operational tasks, allowing them to focus on building their business more efficiently and effectively. 

Automate Your Drone Services Workflow

It's safe to say that most drone pilots prefer flying their drones rather than dealing with tasks like organizing proposals, invoicing, tracking leads, and other business-related duties.

DroneAdair is designed to be the central hub running your drone services business. Automating your workflow is the key to scaling aerial drone services and building a brand. Gone is the need to manage and pay for multiple business software subscriptions when DroneAdair has packaged all of those functions into one place. Whether it's real estate, drone photography, construction drone services, or anything in between, the platform is designed to cater to all professional drone service providers.  

Features Built For Drone Pilots, By Drone Pilots

DroneAdair is fundamentally changing the dynamics for drone services businesses by offering automation in a user-friendly interface for both drone pilots and clients. The PRO plan unlocks the platform's full power and helps pilots set their business on autopilot. Once set up, pilots can truly gain control of growing their business and giving them back their valuable time. 

Build and Send Custom Missions/Proposals

While many drone services can be packaged for easy booking, we all know there are a bunch of jobs that will require more of a custom approach. With that in mind, the PRO plan allows users to create custom missions tailored to their client's unique needs. Add contact information, airspace info, event time and type, mission details, deliverable requirements, additional services, and pricing. It’s like you’re building a proposal, that once accepted, you can then manage everything associated with that job all in one place. 

Schedule Drone Services Clients With Ease

The personalized booking page integrated into your DroneAdair-powered website empowers clients to schedule directly with you, entirely on their own. Clients can effortlessly select services or additional add-ons and pick a date and time based on your calendar and availability – it has never been simpler to get more work from your clients. 

Drone Services Client Portal

The Client Portal saves you time communicating with the client and provides them with peace of mind. As the mission is completed, files are uploaded into their dashboard, which can be reviewed and downloaded by the client via their portal login. They will receive status updates as well once the job is completed guiding them to login and review the job. 

Show Off Your Previous Work

Your previous work is a testament to your skill and expertise, and your portfolio should reflect the distinctiveness of your business. DroneAdair simplifies the process of creating an impressive pilot profile, showcasing your branding, pricing, services, reviews, and, of course, those breathtaking drone photos and videos. 

Pilots can personalize their profiles with a selection of customizable templates to make them uniquely their own. The best part? You can use it as a standalone website if you don't want to build one from scratch. 

Drone Mission Management

See all of your missions in one centralized dashboard, keeping you focused, organized, and in touch with current and past projects. 

Educational Resources

Evolving and learning alongside the rapid growth of the drone services industry is important. Which is why DroneAdair Pro users receive discounts on drone education courses from many industry-leading partners. 

3TB of Storage Included

Cloud storage plays a crucial role in storing and sharing deliverables with clients, and it shouldn't come at a sky-high cost. Every PRO user benefits from 3TB of included storage, ensuring they can scale their operations without running out of storage space.

Empowering Enterprises with Drone Solutions

A rapid increase in demand for professional drone services has led many companies to bring drone technology in-house. 

Industries Using Drones
  • Construction 
  • Insurance 
  • Real Estate
  • Property Management 
  • Agriculture 
  • Film & Photography 
  • Oil, Gas & Utilities
  • Drone Service Providers
Powerful Features Built For Enterprise

DroneAdair Enterprise enables any company to enhance the efficiency of their drone operations by providing essential automation tools for real-time management of missions, pilots, and datasets.


DroneAdair understands that you have a business to run and can't wait around for mission updates. With your Enterprise Dashboard, get instant insights into your operations with dynamic banners showcasing Completed Missions, Items Waiting for Review, Remaining Tasks, and more.

Real-Time Status Updates

Leverage cutting-edge communication technology to keep everyone in the loop. The Status feature provides real-time updates, ensuring up-to-the-minute insights for more informed and effective decision-making in your operations.

Comprehensive Datasets

Empower your decision-making process by making data-driven choices. Access detailed datasets that provide the foundation for in-depth analysis and strategic planning, allowing you to navigate your operations with precision and foresight.

Efficient Pilot Management

Effortlessly oversee your pilot team using our user-friendly tools. Assign missions, monitor performance, and optimize resource allocation, all with just a few clicks.

Pilot Details

Choosing the right pilot for your job is crucial. Utilizing the Pilot Details database lets you conveniently access information such as their experience level, mission success rates, and other key factors, helping you make an informed decision.

Missions and Summary File Upload

DroneAdair makes it easy to manage and track missions with a streamlined approach. Upload a summary report file to your dashboard to create and maintain comprehensive records of your missions.

Regardless of your enterprise, DroneAdair will allow you to manage your pilots, projects, and datasets like never before, setting you and your business up for success. 

Staying Ahead of The Trends

DroneAdair is pushing full steam ahead with its drone services business platform because automation isn't just a trend; it's the new standard. Whether you're a drone pilot just starting out or a large enterprise looking for professional drone services, automating the processes involved in drone services is the key to scaling and collecting valuable insights that benefit everyone involved. 

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