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19 June 2023

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities, Draganfly partnered with Bluvec to provide drone and counter-drone solutions that enhance public safety and security.

In recent years, the increased accessibility and utilization of drones have given rise to numerous concerns regarding public safety and security. This is where Bluvec Technologies steps in with its innovative counter drone UAV technology. Bluvec’s state-of-the-art solutions empower organizations to detect, track, and geolocate unauthorized drones & pilots swiftly and effectively.

At the heart of Bluvec's technology lies its advanced sensor fusion and artificial intelligence systems. By combining data from multiple sensors such as radar, radio frequency (RF) scanners, and visual recognition, Bluvec's counter drone UAV systems can accurately identify and classify drones, distinguishing them from other flying objects. This level of precision ensures that law enforcement agencies can differentiate between harmless drones and those that pose a potential threat.

Use Cases in Police and Correctional Facilities
  1. Preventing Illegal Activities: Police departments can leverage Bluvec's technology to detect and mitigate drones used for illegal activities such as smuggling contraband into correctional facilities or conducting unauthorized surveillance. By proactively identifying and neutralizing these drones, law enforcement agencies can protect public safety and maintain the integrity of correctional institutions.
  2. Enhancing Public Safety: Large-scale public events, such as concerts, parades, and sports gatherings, often attract unauthorized drone operations. Bluvec's counter drone systems enable law enforcement agencies to detect and respond swiftly to these intrusions, minimizing potential threats to public safety. With real-time tracking and neutralization capabilities, police can neutralize the rogue drones without compromising the security of the event or the safety of attendees.
  3. Securing Critical Infrastructure: Critical infrastructure, including power plants, airports, and government buildings, is susceptible to unauthorized drone activities that may disrupt operations or compromise security. Bluvec's technology equips security personnel with the tools needed to detect, identify, and neutralize these threats promptly, ensuring the continuous functioning of essential services and protecting sensitive information.
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