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9 December 2022

Late in the year GEPRC released a brand-new cinewhoop platform called the Cinebot 30. The original release was a big boost in performance compared to their previous “30 platform,” the CineLog 30, but after DJI released their O3 Air Units, things really stepped up. GEPRC would re-release a new version of the Cinebot30 with the O3 Air Unit, effectively taking it from a late-game edge to the best pre-built FPV drone released this year. It is a solid piece of machinery, capable of hosting a payload around the same weight as a GoPro Hero 10 Bones edition as well as a DJI Action 2. Depending upon the build options selected when ordering the Cinebot30, this cinewhoop beast is capable of flight-times between 9 and 12 minutes, making it an extremely impressive FPV solution. The GEPRC Cinebot30 is this year’s winner of the Best FPV Drone award.


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