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22 December 2023

By Michael Molenda, Editor, The Droning Company

When Jules Lennon—a videographer and director—was asked to film a promotional video for a friend's rental property in Todos Santos, Mexico, she realized that drone footage needed to be part of the project.

However, she had never piloted a drone before.

Armed with a borrowed drone, Lennon and her partner Patrick Wong made the trip, unboxed the drone, and attempted to get the required footage. Crashes ensued. But after some trial and error—including a hilarious (unseen) session that had Wong walking around part of the property with the drone held aloft in his hands—the duo captured enough footage to be combined with conventional photos and video to create a stunning promo package.

Bravely, Lennon and Wong documented their travails in the video you can watch below. Does it remind you of your own preliminary flights?

Watch the Initial Flights

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