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18 April 2024

Next week, Colorado Drone Chargers, an industry leader in drone battery charging systems for the commercial drone sector, will showcase its innovations at AUVSI Xponential in sunny San Diego, California!

Drop by booth #4819 to meet part of the Colorado Drone Chargers team to connect and explore how their solutions can optimize your drone mission, allowing you to maximize your time in the air and save resources.

Based in Colorado Springs, and founded in 2017, Colorado Drone Chargers makes drone charging systems designed to charge four batteries at the same time, along with (1-2) USB accessories. And the average charge time across charger models is a speedy 45 to 75 minutes.

Colorado Drone Chargers was established when founder and owner, Johnny Podrovitz discovered a problem that needed solved. Johnny had recently transitioned into a semi-retired season of life following a successful career as an entrepreneur, primarily in the software industry. Johnny delved deeper into his interest in drones, obtaining his pilot license, only to encounter firsthand the frustration of waiting…and waiting…for drone batteries to charge.

If waiting for one battery at a time to charge felt frustrating to him in this newfound hobby, he wondered about this challenge in business. Motivated to address these obstacles, he embarked on a journey to develop what has become a leading product in the commercial drone industry – the Colorado Drone Chargers Portable Rapid Charging System (PRCS), a drone charging system designed to charge four batteries and (1-2) USB accessories simultaneously.

Today, Colorado Drone Chargers offers drone charging systems supporting leading drone brands: Autel, DJI, Freefly, Parrot, Skydio and Teal. Colorado Drone Chargers is a USA veteran-owned business. The company prioritizes its customers and stands by its products, providing a lifetime warranty for all purchases.

About Colorado Drone Chargers

Based in Colorado Springs and founded in 2017, Colorado Drone Chargers (CDC) is committed to giving drone users more flight time with less batteries. CDC offers drone charging systems for industry-leading commercial drones, and is committed to providing the fastest and most efficient charging solutions on the market. CDC charging systems charge multiple batteries and a flight controller simultaneously at record speeds, and chargers are designed to be durable and portable for the most remote and rugged environments. Visit www.coloradodronechargers.com to learn more, and stay connected with Colorado Drone Chargers on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

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