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By Stuart Smith, CEO, The Droning Company

In 2019, I had just gotten my first drone, a Mavic 2 Pro. My daughter Sophia Stormy, who lives in Santiago, Chile with her mother, was just nine years old at the time, and on one of my visits to see her, we went to the roof of their apartment to fly the drone over the city to get some footage. By today's standards, I probably broke a few rules, such as flying over moving vehicles, but the industry was very new in Chile, and they didn’t have the laws in place that they do now.

To be honest, I was very nervous. This was the first time I had flown the drone so far away, and I was stressing as to whether the drone would return to me, or what I would do if it dropped from the sky. Once I got my confidence up, I sent it a bit further away each time, and I eventually decided to try some night photography. The resulting video is not the greatest example of drone footage, but it was my first effort, so I thought I’d share it with you.

The music score for the video is a song called “Years Gone By” from the Heaven & Earth album, Windows to the World [2001]. The song was written by myself and guitarist Howard Leese (Heart/Bad Company), and it’s probably more Celtic sounding than South American, but I feel it still fits. Howard played a Taylor 12-string Leo Kottke Signature Model acoustic, and I played my Fender Stratocaster through a Marshall Major twinned with a 50-watt Lee Jackson-modded Marshall that Howard had given to me. I used the Stratocaster's volume control to create a violin sound by turning the volume off, picking a note, and then using my little finger to raise the volume. This way, you don't hear the normal pick attack of the note, making it sound a bit like a bowed violin. We also had someone add the Uilleann pipes, which are incredibly loud. After about an hour of recording at our home studio, we were getting noise complaints from a quarter of a mile away.

So here is the video and the music. I hope you enjoy both. (If you'd like to listen to more Heaven & Earth music, CLICK HERE for APPLE MUSIC and HERE for SPOTIFY.)


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