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29 November 2022 

By Taylor Gantt, Marketing Specialist/PR Manager, Lucid Drone Technologies

You know those little drones you see people flying around in parks? The ones that look like toys? They're not just for fun anymore. Drones are transforming industries at an increasing rate, and here are a few ways they're making their mark:

Package Delivery

Drones can deliver packages quickly and efficiently, without wasting time or money on traffic congestion. Amazon and Walmart are leading the charge in this area, but other companies are sure to follow suit.


Drone photography is becoming increasingly popular—thanks to its unique perspective and affordability. Weddings, real estate listings, and nature shots benefit from the aerial perspective that drones provide.


Drones are being used more and more in agriculture to help with crop monitoring, precision spray, and even harvesting. This helps farmers save time and money while maximizing yield.

Exterior Maintenance

Commercial buildings often require regular exterior maintenance, such as window washing or soft washing. Traditionally this has been done by workers repelling down the side of the building or setting up scaffolding and boom lift equipment. Now, drones are taking over many of these tasks, due to their efficiency and safety advantages.

A Deeper Look: Why Drone Disruptions in Building Maintainance Save Lifes

I'm sure you're familiar with the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

But what do you do when something is broken and there's an opportunity to make it better?

Each year in the U.S., approximately 500,000 people face ladder-related injuries or deaths. Repel systems, scaffolding, and boom lifts are not only dangerous, but life-threatening. With the right industrial drone and some training, the same workers who are up on those dangerous lifts and repel systems can learn how to use the drone to do the job. 

Drone technology can completely change the cleaning industry as we know it.

Old, outdated methods have been used for decades to perform jobs like building and window washing. However, people are growing increasingly tired of doing dirty, dangerous, and dull jobs. Especially if drone technology can make them more efficient. 

There are approximately over 86,000 exterior cleaning companies in the United States alone. That's a lot of potential for change.

Chris Creekmur of Atlanta Drone Cleaning & Soft Wash Services

Embrace the Transformation

Drones can help us do things we never could before. They give us the ability to reach places that were previously inaccessible, to complete tasks that were too dangerous or difficult for humans to do, and to do so faster and more safely than ever before.

Let's face it: disruption in the business world is nothing new. In fact, it's essential for companies to keep up with the latest trends and technologies to stay competitive. The cleaning industry is no exception. Companies around the country are utilizing drones daily to complete more jobs, in less time, and with less liability.

For example, Lucid Drone Technologies is a Charlotte, NC-based robotics company that was founded in 2018 to provide a safer, faster, and smarter alternative to traditional dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs for residential, commercial, and facility properties. 

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Taylor Gantt is a Marketing Specialist and PR Manager for Lucid Drone Technologies. She has been with the company since May 2021. 

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