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28 September 2022

By Wang Qi

After entering the 21st century, new energy represented by hydrogen energy, with its advantages of high efficiency, no pollution and zero emission, has been increasingly valued by countries all over the world.

As a main form of hydrogen energy application, hydrogen fuel cells are two to three times higher than traditional lithium batteries in terms of energy density, and are superior to traditional lithium batteries in terms of ease of use and safety, and will not produce secondary pollution. Compared with traditional internal combustion engine power, hydrogen fuel cells are pollution-free, zero-emission, and low-vibration, and are one of the best choices for long-endurance drones.

In recent years, domestic and foreign companies have successively launched fixed-wing UAVs and multi-rotor UAVs with hydrogen fuel cells as the main energy source, but the research and development of hydrogen-energy vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAVs has always been blank.

On May 30, 2019, JOUAV signed an agreement with Doosan Innovation. JOUAV Co., Ltd. was responsible for the hydrogen-powered UAV platform system, and Doosan was responsible for the hydrogen-powered UAV fuel cell system. The first flight of the hydrogen-powered technology demonstrator was achieved that year.

The JOUAV CW (DJ)-25H hydrogen-powered VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) jointly developed by JOUAV and Doosan Innovation has the characteristics of zero emissions, no noise, low vibration, and low maintenance costs.

JOUAV CW (DJ)-25H Specs

Wingspan:14.4 feet

Fuselage Length:6.8 feet

Maximum Flight Time:5.5 hours

Maximum Payload:8.8 lbs.


JOUAV was established in April 2010 and based in Chengdu, China. In 2015, CW-20 was released, it is the first industrial-grade VTOL fixed wing UAV in China. On February 2021, JOUAV became the first listed company in China stock whose main business is UAV and related technology. Current models comprise CW-007, CW-15, CW-25E, CW-40 and CW-100, with the weight covering 6.8~105 kg and endurance covering 1~10 hours.

JOUAV has been constantly enriching CW series drones are widely used in surveying and mapping, pipeline power inspection, security monitoring, emergency and other fields. The hydrogen-powered vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV launched this time is an ice-breaking attempt by JOUAV in continuous innovation, high-efficiency, green energy and sustainable development.

Promoting green and low-carbon development with clean energy is the fundamental path for mankind to cope with global climate change, and it is also the key to sustainable development and building a better life.

The application of hydrogen energy is an effective way to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. CW-25H will further promote the green development of industrial drones with its leading fuel cell system and excellent flight performance.


Meet the Author

Wang Qi is the market director of JOUAV with extensive experience in VTOL UAV global market development. Qi is committed to the development of high-tech products and UAVs, VTOL UAV in emergency response and mapping GIS industries.

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