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If you're planning to ask Santa for a drone this holiday season, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is hoping you will be in the "nice" squadron of pilots instead of the "naughty" unit.

To help educate future flyers about the proper use of a drone, the agency kicked off a "12 Days of Drones" campaign on its Twitter and Facebook pages. Each day, a different topic will be featured to teach pilots about registering drones, airspace restrictions, requirements for recreational flyers, child safety, and other subjects. 

A special message is posted below and at the FAA's YouTube channel to further reinforcement droning rules and regulations.

More Resources

• Register your drone for three years for $5. Click HERE.

• Take the required Recreational UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Safety Test HERE.


• When flying, drones must stay at or below 400 feet and they must be kept within the operator's line of sight.

• Operators must also be wary of FAA airspace restrictions. Drones are also not allowed to fly near other aircraft or around major stadiums or sporting events and they must respect other people's privacy. 

• Drones are also not allowed to interfere with wildfire response or hurricane recovery efforts.

• Fliers should never operate a drone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

• Keep in mind that the FAA states "a drone is an aircraft and you are its pilot." 

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