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5 July 2023

The Hoodman LP21 Weighted Trifold Drone Landing Pad allows you to keep your camera lens and gimbal clean during takeoff and landing—all while protecting your rotors from tall grass, pebbles and other damaging debris.

Our regular drone landing pads are made for drones of all sizes, with patented designs that provide drone pilots with the security of a stable, well-made landing pad - that doesn't blow away when drone thrust hits it. Our newest landing pad, the LP21, accomplishes all of this while also providing the added benefit of a quicker setup and stowage experience.

"We wanted to make a drone landing pad for drone enthusiasts that still functions as well as our heavy duty landing pads made for professional drone aviators”  says Bob Schmidt, Hoodman V.P. of Sales. “With a more accessible price point, we believe that the LP21 will allow drone aviators of all budgets to have an unbeatable take-off and landing experience for their small mavic sized drones.”

The new tri-fold landing pad collapses quickly with 3 folds to 1/6th of the 21-inch deployed size and comes with a rubber belt for easy storage and transport. This means drone aviators can get set up and flying quicker than ever before.

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About Hoodman USA

Hoodman USA has been creating innovative, useful tools to support professional image makers since 1986, including camera accessories, viewfinders and monitor hoods, drone and mapping accessories, and memory cards and readers. For more than 37 years, engaging with customers at 10 annual trade shows has been the driving force behind product development.

Hoodman thrives on innovation and creating new markets. As the first card manufacturer to offer a memory card recycling program, Hoodman continues to develop Green products and remains committed to aiding humanity and the environment by developing innovative tools that solve problems and make life easier and balanced for all.

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