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9 December 2022

In early November, it was announced that Percepto would be granted the first-of-its-kind nationwide Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration for its drone-in-a-box solution. The drone-in-a-box product is a nest or dock system that allows drones to be deployed automatically according to a predetermined schedule or condition or manually from a remote location. With UAV platforms such as the Percepto Air Max, Percepto Air Mobile, and Percepto Air Max OGI, the drone-in-a-box system can be applied to almost any scenario and produce reliable results almost completely autonomously. Whether the use case be surveillance around a construction site or protected facility or inspection of warehouse stocks or agricultural health, the drone-in-a-box system by Percepto is revolutionary for autonomous drone operations. Percepto more than earned this year’s award for Best Drone in a Box System.

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