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9 December 2022

Autel Robotics has been innovating at a high-level for what seems like ages now and this year announced a new version of their top-performing prosumer drone, the EVO II Pro V3. Improving upon the EVO II Pro V2, the third version of this cornerstone drone features improved low-light performance and the ability to capture 12-bit A-Log DNG photos – offering a ton of flexibility when editing still images and generating a much wider range of vibrant and enriching colors. In short, Autel recognized where a significant improvement could be made to this already impressive UAV platform and applied it in the form of a complete overhaul of the camera sensor algorithm for low-light conditions and richer color profiles. This upgrade to the EVO II Pro was more than enough to earn Autel Robotics the 2022 award for Best Prosumer Drone with the EVO II Pro V3.

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