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25 October 2022

Today, drones have become a standard piece of technology that many people use. However, for one company, the drone was simply the beginning, as their advancements and accessories have significantly changed how people use drones. As a result, they have revolutionized drone delivery.

Stork Plate is a company that designs drone-delivery accessories. Their plate-and-box mechanisms pair perfectly with DJI Phantom Drones, while their hook can work with just about any drone. After realizing how much power these drones have for carrying payloads, the company got to work, and today, they manufacture drone attachments that help deliver shipments. Whether dog food, medication, or even mail, Stork Plate offers new functionalities and capabilities for drones. 

How It Started...

Stork Plate founder Dustin McCaslin

In 2016, the founder of Stork Plate, Dustin McCaslin, had a DJI Phantom drone and realized it had a significant amount of lifting power. He also noticed something strange: Drone companies had not taken advantage of this—especially as many of these models are not typically advertised for carrying payloads. This inspired him to act.

McCaslin’s background in 3D engineering meant he could print 3D prototypes of his ideas for drone-delivery attachments. Most of these started small, and many didn't work. However, it was all about experimentation. He ran tests, failed a few times, but, ultimately, it took about six months to get a design that worked well.

During this time, McCaslin generated a lot of interest by posting on Instagram to share his products and experiences. Once he finally developed a suitable accessory that could hold a payload, he even got more attention online, as well as requests to make these accessories for others.

Soon, Stork Plate was born. It's mission—to provide people with the same accessories that McCaslin had so much fun experimenting with and perfecting. But they would also completely change what drones could do for people all over the country.

Stork Plate Use Cases

When Stork Plate first began, McCaslin wasn't even sure exactly how vital drone delivery would be, or how many people would want to purchase their items. However, they started to get many different demographics purchasing their products. People would buy the products to go drone fishing or to say goodbye to their loved ones by spreading their ashes over the ocean. They even saw law enforcement agencies—such as the Los Angeles Police Department—using their products for hostage negotiations, such as when a cell phone needs to be safely delivered to an individual. 

How to Get Started 

Even for the beginner, pictures and instructions are listed at storkplate.com to help customers set up their new accessory on their drone. The Stork Plate is easy to set up and use. With only six simple steps, it is the perfect product for those who want to increase the functionality of their Phantom 4 Pro or DJI Phantom drone.

Currently, the Stork Plate and the Stork Box only have capabilities with the Phantom drones, but they are currently working on a universal model that will help all customers with every kind of drone.The Stork Hook is the only product they have created that works with all drones.

Product Line

At present, Stork Plate offers three main products: the Stork Plate, the Stork Hook, and the Stork Box. These products all retail for less than $50. Stork Plate continues to expand its product line to meet customer demands, and the Stork Hook is the latest release. Unlike the Stork Plate and Stork Box—which are limited to use with DJI Phantom drones—the Stork Hook can attach to any drone. 

The Future of Stork Plate and Drone Delivery 

Drones will make things a lot easier for people to live their daily lives. From movies to delivery to security, drones will continue to expand and become an ever-present part of today's society. The industry itself is estimated to grow by more than 300 percent in the coming decade. The outlook of the industry demonstrates that Stork Plate is already capitalizing on something profitable that can someday carry vaccines, food, electronics, healthcare products, and more on a regular basis to customers globally. Stork Plate will continue to enhance the functionality of its products and creating new capabilities for emerging markets and a broader customer base. 


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