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9 December 2022

When seconds matter and you’re dealing with a high-pressure situation, data is invaluable to accurate and thorough decision-making. The Lemur S drone from Brinc enables tactical response teams the ability to collect data safely and efficiently with a variety of features that set it apart from any other tactical UAV platform. Boasting a 31-minute flight time, a LiDAR-based autonomous flight mode, and the ability to fly in FPV-mode to collect information in the most immersive way possible, the Lemur S will meet all expectations as far as UAV technology is concerned. Pair those features with a glass-breaking mechanism, onboard speakers and microphones, a 10-hour perch time, and a damage-resistant build and you have one of the most reliable tactical communication and surveillance tools on the market. The Brinc Lemur S is the 2022 winner for Best Tactical Drone.

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