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5 October 2022

Shenzhen, China's HighGreat Innovation Technology Development has set four new Guinness World Records—Largest Number of Drones Flying Simultaneously (5,164), Largest Light Image Composed by Drones (5,184 drones were used), Longest Animation Show Performed by Drones (26 minutes, 26 seconds), and Largest Number of Varied Consecutive Formations by a Single Fleet (88).

“Guinness World Records is recognized as the global authority for recording and validating record-breaking achievements, which is open to challengers who seek to break any imaginable limit," says Li Chenliang, General Manager of HighGreat. "We are proud of creating the four Guinness World Records with 5200 drones. As a new form of performance, drone formation integrates technology, art, and creativity, it is environmentally friendly, and with fast technology breakthrough and artistic innovation, we believe that HighGreat will bring more spectacular and amazing drone shows in the near future.”




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