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15 August 2023

By Paul Bergetz, IronSky Mounts

My first exposure to drones was in 2015, Drones from this time period were quite difficult to fly, lacking GPS stabilization or good avionics. However, they had one feature that made them the must have item: a flying camera.

The quality was okay for stills, however, video was prone to "Jello" (if it could be stabilized at all). After the first year of flying, I started trying to solve the "Jello" problem. I bought a half dozen cameras by GoPro, Mobius, as well as several clones and started experimenting (adding a second or replacement camera).

As a mechanical designer with 3D printer experience, concepts turned to reality quickly. I made dozens of mounts with different types of suspensions (it was very difficult to tune the suspension to camera weight and movement), but "Jello" was always a problem. Then, I tried directly mounting the camera to the drone near the center of gravity with no suspension. I found that secure direct mounting worked—no real "Jello." However, I still had horizon tilt in what was being captured.

I needed a gimbal to control the horizon. I found a self-contained gimbal made by EVO called the SS. It fit many of the available cameras and was easily modified to accept custom scenarios. The EVO SS was heavy—weighing above 370g (with a GP Hero 4). This worked best on a drone with heavier payload handling. I had a DJI P2Z that had a gimbal and carried the GoPro 4 series easily. However, I was not comfortable adding a second rear facing camera. In late 2017, I purchased my first DJI Inspire 1. My goal was to mount a second camera on the rear and center top using the EVO SS and no suspension.

Our first mount (see photo above) was for the DJI Inspire 1 Rear Camera and was released to our ebay store on January 1, 2018, and still sells today. 

We now offer over 60 mounts for all types of drones needing a second (or first) camera or supporting accessories such as lighting. With over 1000 camera and accessory mounts in use around the world on all types of  drones with and without gimbals. We are adding new models monthly. We buy and fly what we design and try to take most of the risk out of your purchase by testing on ourselves. 

Video DJI Inspire 1 GoPro Fusion 360 Rear Camera Test in 2019 using the rear mount and EVO SS

Our Mission

Design and manufacture the missing pieces to help you mount cameras and accessories on various popular drones. If you have an idea that you believe could be used by other members of our community let us know and we may design and bring your concept to reality. We offer complete in-house design and printing services with over 40 years of mechanical design experience. Designed and made in the USA.

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