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11 August 2023

Starling X.2 is a product of Promo Drone's and Draganfly's partnership. It combines Promo Drone's vivid, state-of-the-art digital communication screens with the durable characteristics and maneuverability of Draganfly's Commander 3 XL drone. The result is a flight experience that is both stable and agile, delivering impactful and timely messages across various scenarios.

The Starling X.2 features an impressive flight duration, a 28-inch screen diagonal, and a 5000 nits screen brightness. These features enable Starling X.2 to deliver clear and captivating visuals even in challenging outdoor environments.

One of the strengths of Starling X.2 lies in its ability to serve diverse functions across various locations and missions. Whether it's for sports, advertising, disaster management, or public safety, this innovative UAV communication system has the potential to redefine how information is conveyed to the public.

In regions that experience natural disasters, such as storms, floods, or earthquakes, Starling X.2 can play a crucial role in providing early warning messages to those in danger. Its dual-screen setup can simultaneously display alerts, evacuation notices, and safety instructions to help residents take immediate action. The other screen can also show real-time weather updates, radar images, or live feeds from weather monitoring stations, ensuring that people stay informed and prepared for potential threats.

During disaster response efforts, Starling X.2 becomes a tool that can display real-time maps, evacuation routes, and information about available sheltering options. This feature helps affected individuals find the necessary resources and provides updates on rescue operations, emergency contact numbers, and safety precautions, facilitating efficient and coordinated response efforts.

In densely populated areas, Starling X.2 can broadcast missing person notifications. Displaying images and details of missing individuals on one screen and contact information on the other significantly increases the chances of finding missing persons by reaching a wider audience and encouraging them to report any relevant information.

In times of crisis, large gatherings, protests, or rallies, Starling X.2 serves as a centralized rally point, providing crucial information and coordination for attendees. This feature helps people stay informed about safety protocols during emergencies.

The application of Starling X.2 extends to the world of sports events and tournaments. Audiences will enjoy a heightened experience with live updates on one screen, including instant replays, close-ups of essential moments, and analysis. The second screen can show live scores, game statistics, and upcoming match schedules, keeping sports enthusiasts engaged and informed in real time.

The Starling X.2 also can enhance game day promotions at sports events by flying around the stadium, showcasing scores, player statistics, and highlights on one screen. The other screen displays sponsored advertisements, promotions, or discounts at concessions or team merchandise stores, creating a dynamic and engaging promotional experience.

These features make the Starling X.2 stand out as a platform for advertising and promotional messaging in crowded public spaces. Whether it's parks, beaches, or festivals, the UAV can easily maneuver over these areas, displaying advertisements, upcoming events, and discount offers on one screen. Meanwhile, the second screen effectively conveys engaging visual content, such as videos or images, attracting attention and enhancing the overall promotional impact.

The development of the Starling X.2 is a significant step forward in UAV communication technology. With its versatile functionality, flight endurance, and high-quality display screens, this next-generation solution has the opportunity to open up new and satisfying ways to communicate crucial information to the public. From disaster response to advertising and sports events, Starling X.2 can change how businesses, first responders, and event organizers approach communication, ultimately leading to more effective and engaging experiences for audiences across the board.

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