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Video of a drone flying through a whimsical winter forest goes viral. You may be asking yourself “why?” Is it because of the captivating cinematography, the soothing music that’s included, or the overall feel-good energy that is eluded when watching? The answer is yes to all of these elements. 

Viewers expressed how they have used this video, in a collection with other long-form drone videos, for meditation purposes. With the smooth wide-angle shots, viewers have found comfort and gained peace from watching. With the everyday tasks that build up from work, activities, or other involvements you may have, how much time are you actually putting into yourself each day? 


Mental health prioritization is extremely important. Meditation is a great way to practice this. Some benefits of meditation include building your skills to deal with stressful situations, helping you focus more on the present, reducing negative emotions, and increasing your creativity just to name a few. 


The droning community has created an incredible group of long-form video users that create content meant for meditation! Together, we are helping our drone users and so many others gain the vital benefits of meditation. 

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