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03 April 2023

Aeronautics Ltd.—a world leader in designing, developing and manufacturing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for the global defense, HLS, and markets—is pleased to announce that it has recently signed a mid-life upgrade contract with the Finnish Defense Forces (FDF) for its existing Orbiter 2 Mini UAS array. Under the terms of the contract, Aeronautics will provide the FDF with a comprehensive mid-life upgrade package that includes a full suite of sensors, avionics, and data-processing systems to enhance the system’s performance. The contract will also involve a substantial transfer of know-how, increasing the FDF’s level of self-sufficiency, and assuring the customer of Orbiter 2 array maintenance and support capabilities for the next decade.

The Orbiter 2 Mini UAS is a small-sized, lightweight, versatile UAS that can be deployed quickly and efficiently in any environment. With advanced flight capabilities and innovative payloads, the combat-proven, fixed-wing, electric system platform has Group 2 ISR capabilities for defense, maritime, and HLS, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of defense, security, and commercial applications.  

As well as operational flexibility in challenging weather conditions, the Orbiter 2 offers superior ISR performance. Benefits include increased payload capacity and variety, VMD for advanced image processing capabilities and enhanced digital datalink, with long LOS range, relay, AES-256 and frequency hopping. The system features advanced flight control and a precision navigation system, including operation in GPS-denied areas. The Orbiter 2 system is highly transportable, with rapid assembly and turnaround time and has a small logistics footprint. The Orbiter 2 also complies with airworthiness standards, including CAAI, STANAG 4671 and 4609.

“We are delighted to be reenforcing our relationship with the Finnish Defense Forces through this new contract,” says Matan Perry, Vice President of Marketing & Sales of Aeronautics Ltd. “This mid-life upgrade of the Orbiter 2 will significantly extend its lifespan, assuring the FDF high-quality, cost-efficient, tactical ISR capabilities for the next decade. The successful completion of this agreement is a testament to the hard work of our dedicated team, led by Udi Lebenstein, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Aeronautics."


About Aeronautics Group

Established in 1997, Aeronautics is a world leader in designing, developing and manufacturing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for the global defense & HLS markets. Backed by continuous research and development and with proven excellent performance and operability, Aeronautics’ broad product portfolio includes the expertise of its subsidiaries and offers solutions for a wide range of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions that lead the segment with cutting-edge systems for the modern battlefield. Having been acquired by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Stolero Group, Aeronautics utilizes the technological synergy between the companies – Rafael’s advanced air, land, and naval defense capabilities and Aeronautics’ proven technologies in the Unmanned Aerial Systems and solutions - to strengthen its position as a leading unmanned and autonomous solutions integrator.


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