Featured NewsMilitaryWill China Become the World Champion Combat Drone Manufacturer by 2023?


Boasting cost-effectiveness as compared to American- and Israeli-made unmanned
aerial vehicles (UAVs), Chinese drones have become increasingly popular in the world
marketplace. For example, Da-Jiang Industries (DJI)—based in Shenzhen,
China—acquired more than 70 percent of the consumer drone industry in March 2020,
becoming, by far, the world's largest manufacturer of consumer drones.
Sales of Chinese UCAVs (unmanned combat aerial vehicles) have been similarly
robust, even though these drones reportedly suffer from high crash rates,
GPS/SATCOM glitches, substandard service and maintenance, and reliability issues.
Pakistan, Iraq, and Algeria have gone on record as losing numerous CH-4B combat
drones manufactured in China.

While a Wing Loong II can set a country back around $15 million per drone, nations still
seem to be lining up to buy them. Part of the reason could be the added benefit of being
able to deploy Chinese drones in areas where the use of USA drones would be
prohibited. In addition, the United States often drags its feet over selling drones to some
countries. Furthermore, drone makers in China are apparently crushing it by innovating
quicker than their competitors.

So, its not a done deal, but China does seem poised to increase its lead as a world-
leading drone manufacturer. What are your thoughts? Share them with the community
by writing me at mmolenda@thedroningcompany.com. I will publish the best
commentaries in a future new article!

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