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9 December 2022

Like humans, buildings and large structures also have hard-to-reach spots when it comes to hygiene. That’s where the Lucid C1 Spraying Drone by Lucid Drone Technologies comes into play. Featuring a multi-directional spray nozzle, collision prevention, and urban flight capabilities, the C1 Spraying Drone is reliable in even the most hectic and signal-inhibiting areas. The spraying apparatus on the C1 Spraying Drone allows for liquids such as water or cleaning solutions to be loaded into the reservoir and applied to the desired surfaces or structures. If you need more water than your reservoir can hold, remove the container, and connect your water or cleaning solution supply directly to your C1 Spraying drone via a hose system. This flexibility and capability when it comes to cleaning even the hardest to reach areas make the C1 Spraying Drone by Lucid Drone Technologies the winner of the 2022 Best Power Washing Drone award.

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