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9 December 2022

Draganfly has been arguably one of the best enterprise drone manufacturers in the world for 24 years and they continued to make that case this year with the introduction of the Commander 3 XL UAV. This brand new, state-of-the-art drone is capable of flight ranges up to 24 miles and hitting speeds of around 45 miles per hour. What’s even more impressive is it’s astounding 50-minute maximum flight time. The Commander 3 XL is weather-resistant, portable, and capable of conducting a variety of mission types – which is supported by its ability to carry a 22-pound payload for approximately 20 minutes and utilization of drop or winch-down systems to deliver payloads. While the nickname for this capable piece of unmanned machinery might be “The Swiss Army Knife of drones,” make no mistake that this drone has its flight controllers, sensors, and radios built exclusively in North America. Such an impressive stat-sheet combined with reliable service after sale and a continually improving UX means that the Commander 3 XL by Draganfly is the 2022 winner for Best Enterprise Drone.

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